Vietnam weather

Cambodia Weather

Cambodia is blessed with one of Asia's simpler weather systems and despite having two distinct weather seasons you can travel in Cambodia all-year-round. In general, the entire country is subject to the same weather patterns, mainly due to the relatively uniform altitude and latitude throughout Cambodia.

Vietnam Weather in December

In December, it is often cold in Hanoi and especially in North-western region such as Sa Pa. Snow occasionally comes and leaves but it might get colder than one expect. Prepare warm clothes or you might be trapped in an undesirable flu. Also bring a lot of lip balms and hand-cream, for the dry weather may make you suffer intensely

Vietnam Weather in November

Northern cities and provinces get cooler while the Centre and the South remains warm; the temperature can still rise up to 31 Celcius degree. The rain ceases in Da Nang, Hue and Hoi An though it has yet to come to a complete stop. This is also a good month to visit Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong delta, for the weather is warm and dry.

Vietnam Weather in October

In terms of weather, October is said to be the best months to travel in Vietnam. In the North, the weather has cooled off for the most part and leaves are changing colors to yellow. The temperature is mild and the air is dry. In the Central provinces such as Hue, Da Nang and Hoi An,

Vietnam Weather in Sept

The first half of September may see another rise in temperature throughout the country. Rainfall ceases in Hanoi and the North but increases in Centre and South. With the rain, however, the climate in places such as Hue, Hoi An and Ho Chi Minh City are much more pleasant than it was during the summer months

Vietnam Weather in Aug

August is a big relief for those who always have the saying “Nong qua” defaulted on their lips (which means “It’s so/too hot”) of July. There are more shadowy day with occasional downpours, thunders and lightning. It is a peak month for rainfall in the North but the rain seems to back off in the Centre and South Vietnam

Vietnam Weather in June to Jul

From June to July, it is simply hot. In Hanoi, the heat is made worse by the volume of traffic and sometime the dust. In Hue and Hoi An, the heat is aggravated by the intense amount of sun light. In Ho Chi Minh City, the heat is coupled with frequent rain. But do they not make a unique travel experience that not everyone can go through?

Vietnam Weather in May

The first month of the summer, May does not have too overheated weather. Northern part of Vietnam sees a mild rise in temperature to about 32 Celcius degree while the central and Southern neighbour cities and provinces may have up to 35 Celcius degree. All of Vietnam, however, gets more humid which may tire the most energetic traveller in certain days. Load up on water and light clothes if you head to Vietnam in May.

Vietnam Weather in April

April sees significantly more rain than previous months, especially towards the end of the month in the Northern and Southern regions. The coastal area remains ideal for swimming and other water-based activities. The temperature has yet to rise in the North and remains constant in the Central and the South between 25 and 33 Celcius degree.

Vietnam Weather in March

In March, the weather in Northern Vietnam has passed the severe and unpredictable phase. It is usually warm and dry and the same could be talked about Central and South Vietnam, although the temperature can be higher the more Southern you go. March is said to be one of the best month to be in Ho Chi Minh City.

Vietnam Weather in February

February is one of the most unpredictable months. Similar to how Europeans and North Americans crave for a white Christmas, many Northern Vietnamese would wish for a light rain on the first day of the Lunar year which can set the atmosphere and bring about luck. Those living in Ho Chi Minh City would see much sun and warm weather for most of the days in February

Vietnam Weather in Jan

January is among the cold day in Northern Vietnam, including Hanoi and Halong Bay. The temperature can drop to as low as 10 degree, but many said it feels worse than ice and snow than temperate zone countries

Viet Nam Weather

Vietnam is geographically located in the tropical zone, with the top North region on temperate zone. Therefore, its climate is not consistent throughout the country. In fact, the weather varies significantly by latitude and longitude.