Payment Method

You can choose from various payment methods for your packages reservation when you are making online booking with us. Depending on the country in which the booking takes place and the time of the booking. But whichever method you choose, you can rest assured that your payment is always safe. Hereby, we suggest some of our suggestions
1 Directly to our Paypal account:
With Paypal you can send payment directly to us email address. When you make a reservation with us we will send for you a Paypal link. From there you can easy and safely to pay for your booking to our Paypal account. After confirm the payment, Paypal will send you a notification to confirm your payment. After we receive your payment from Paypal we also send you one email to confirm your booking.
8% Paypal Fee will be added to your bill.Paypal is very safe payment gateways, so it always requires you to put the 100% correct information.In some cases, you need to wait 2 or 3 working days for reviewing your transaction of the Paypal to know that your transaction is complete or not.You can pay us with Paypal even you have paypal account or not.If you have Paypal account already, please use your account to sent money directly to our email: info@halongtoursbooking.comIf you do not have Paypal account, please click to “Pay Now” button we sent you to pay us by your credit card details.
2 Bank Transfer:
Bank transfer is one of the popular ways of paying for goods or services these days, and because it can be done either in person in the local branch of your bank or using your online banking service it is both flexible in how it works but also secure.Paying via bank transfer is simpler than you probably think it is. Bank transfers can be made from any branch of your bank or using your online banking services provided you have access to your bank’s online service. We will provide for you our bank account and it is easy for you to make your money transaction. After you are complete works at your bank branch you will inform us your transaction information by email and your transfer bank slips. We need 3 – 5 days for complete money collection from our bank before sending the payment confirmation to you.Notice:
Bank fee is coved by the sender. Our bank account information will be provided by our sales people during the time dealing together with you.
3 Money transfer via third party:
Many of our customers may not be familiar with paying via money transfer agency such as: May Bank, Western Union, Money Gram…but It is so fast and efficient.You will come to money transfer agency and then simply fill in the form as required. We will provide you the recipient information. Completely works with your branch you need to send us following information:MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number)
Full name of the sender (first name, middle name and last name) Full address of the sender The sum of money Your order number (Or the answer for your secure question)
Notice: We will confirm your payment with you when we successfully withdraw money from the local agency. bank fee is coved by the sender.
4 OnePay Payment: Credit card payment:
We will send you a link, from here you will fill in your credit card information then pay us - this payment method is quick and also safe for users
4% Bank Fee will be added to your bill.

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