1/ Vietnam enter

Immigration policy from 15 March 2022

  • No COVID-19 vaccine certificate required
  • No quarantine after immigrated
  • International medical insurance (cover for Covid-19 treatment, with a minimum liability of USD $10,000)


  • Covid tests are not required when you enter Vietnam.
  • Travelers must have health insurance or secure travel with covid content with a minimum payment of 10,000 USD
    • Incoming passengers must pay medical isolation costs, medical examination and treatment and other personal expenses if you have an infection..

    Visa making:

    To enter Vietnam you will need a valid passport and an E- Visa:

    - Your passport expiry date must be at least 6 months from your arrival date in Vietnam.

    - Your Visa can be arranged in 2 ways:

    Option 1: You can directly go to Vietnam Embassy in your country

    Option 2: You can use our E- Visa to enter Vietnam (can be done within 3-6 working days). You only need to prepare:

    - Passport scan

    - Straight photos (4*6cm) ( should prepare more than 1)

    - Date of entry

    - Port/ gate of entry (must be correct, otherwise, your enter may be denied)

    You can contact Halong Tours Booking in case you need support to make Evisa to enter Vietnam.

    2/ Cambodia entry

    Please note the below information (Unofficial translate) from Cambodia Ministry of Health on the tourist’s release:

    Announcement from Cambodia Ministry of Health:

    This is the notification from ministry of health to inform that upon receiving the note from PM, the inter-ministerial committee of Covid-19


    cancel the requirement from the travelers for certificate of negative result of Covid-19 PCR test within 72 hours before arrival to Cambodia.cancel the requirement for rapid test upon the arrival.allow to reopen the visa service on arrival for international travelers by airs, land and sea.

    Even though point 1 and 2 are cancelled, travelers are advised to take the rapid test by themselves and must present the covid-19 vaccination card. In case of non vaccination of covid-19, travelers are required to be in 14 day quarantine at designated area defined by ministry of health or authority.

    To enter Cambodia, you only need to prepare 30 USD/person and a photo 4*6cm then you can make Visa upon arrival.

    Updated on the 23th April, 2022.

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