What to do and see in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is the fifth largest city in Thailand, 700km from capital city Bangkok. Chiang Mai gather almost all the most beautiful spot in the country. Surrounding the city are hill slopes and mountains slope gently from the north to the south.

Chiang Mai is said to be the second tourist attraction in Thailand. Only one hour on air from Bangkok, it is the home for many Western visitors who want to have a peaceful atmosphere. Chiang Mai is one of the most beautiful city in Thailand.

Partially encompassed by an ancient moat and walls, Chiang Mai has luxurious restaurants, vendors on the street with various foods, from 5-star hotels to normal hotels, 2 biggest night markets selling traditional Thai products, Doi Suthep is one sacred places in Thailand, artwork museum and shopping center. Chiang Mai is assessed to be cooler and cleaner air than in Bangkok. People here are really friendly and hospitable.


The best time to visit Chiang Mai is end of October to beginning of February next year when a lot of flowers are in bloom. There are dozen resorts in Mae Sa Valley, hill slopes and flower gardens. In February each year, Flower Festival are held in this city by parade kinds of flower in the street.

Moreover, Songkran Festival at the beginning of rainy season are take place on the full moon day in November. Hundred of sky lanterns fly in the air, flower garlands and coloured lanterns are also drifted on the Ping river.

Tourist Attractions:

Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep: it is the most important place in Chiang Mai with the good view to the city. Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep is 15km from the town, 3.520 feet above sea level and was built in 1383. You can go on foot, climb 290 Naga steps or use electric cable to access the wat. The main tower worships Buddhist relics which attracts Buddhists in every corner of the world through the year.

Wat Phra Sing: There is a Buddhist statue Phra Phutthasihing in the Subduing Mara position in the Wat Phra Sing, on Sam Lan street. The statue now is worshipped in Viharn Lai Kham. During Songkran Festival, from 13 - 15 of April annually, people will bring this most sacred statue to parade around Chiang Mai, everyone will join traditional Buddha bath.

Wat Phra Sing opens daily 8 a.m to 5 p.m.

Chiang Mai Zoo: This is a big zoo which lies on the side of Doi Suthep. Chiang Mai Zoo is home for over 200 animals and birds from Asia and Africa as well as 2 well-known pandas Lin Hui and Xuang Xuang who are "goodwill ambassador" of Thailand and People's Republic of China, pandas' baby named Lin Ping. The zoo opens at 8 a.m and closes at 6 p.m in everyday, if you want to see sunset, it will open 6 p.m to 9 p.m.

Chiang Mai Zoo

Doi Inthanon National Park: The park has the highest mountain in Thailand with 2.599m above the sea which is a part of Himalayas and spread out Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, end at northern Thailand. The reasonable time to contemplate waterfall in the park is May to November. The best time to see wild flowers is December to February next year. From November to March next year is advised to discover and find out birds as well as their life.

Bazaar Night Market: The Night Bazaar is probably the city’s best known market and one of its main nighttime attractions. The stalls sell typical trinkets, clothing and other knick-knacks. As it is a popular tourist destination, it is important to get your bargaining skills up to scratch as vendors will most certainly bump up their prices. Nevertheless, it is worth checking out one of Chiang Mai’s busiest markets and the surrounding area which is filled with international and Thai restaurants. From jewelry to handcrafted products to CD’s and portraits, there are few things you won’t be able to find in the bustling streets of the Night Bazaar.

Museum of World Insects and Natural wonders: In the Museum, there are plenty of beautiful examples in the old city, the ground floor has information and exhibits about nature (including giant wasps nests and similar) and various items that can be touched for luck. The second floor has a large number of displays of preserved insects, some reptiles, fossils and other items including a small collection of coins.

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