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We travelled to Vietnam and Cambodia on a holiday organised by Halong Tours Booking. We are ‘Senior Citizens’ with a zest for travel and usually organise our own holidays. We were slightly concerned as we don’t usually do trips as part of an organised tour but the vacation was extremely efficiently arranged and we had a brilliant time. The tours depart every day so numbers are small, often staying at different hotels, so in no way did we feel part of a ‘pack’. We met different people from different countries (in taxis, mini buses) for each leg of our trip. The places we visited (apart from one) were superb, each one a highlight in its own right. The hotels were excellent, though we did upgrade to 4*, with friendly and helpful staff at each locatation. The excursions were very interesting, every one led by excellent guides. I have to say we didn’t enjoy the Russian Market (Phnom Penh) - overcrowded, hemmed in, huge, very smelly indoor market with the most disgusting toilets. Halong Bay was beautiful and the boat, cabin and food of a very high standard. However, we and many people younger than us (!) didn’t enjoy the karaoke. There was a general exodus when it started led by people in their 20’s. It did appear that every other boat was also subjected to karaoke so perhaps it is thought this is what visitors want! We also felt that more factual information on Halong Bay itself would have been appreciated. The guide, whilst good, only ensured we got from A - B safely, though he did a sterling job kicking off the karaoke! I must mention our superb liaison at Halong Tours, namely James. His efficiency is second to none, very friendly and extremely helpful, replying to emails within 24 hours. We will definitely be returning to Vietnam and would do so through Halong Tours Booking.

Leigh H, United Kingdom

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