Take a Cooking Class

Visiting Hanoi, you have a chance to taste special and delicious food of this place and explore stunning and beautiful landscapes. Taking a cooking class to know how to make some special foods in Hanoi will give you more experiences and memories.

Let’s find the type of food that you want to cook for your family and friends, then search for a quality address to learn how to cook that dish. Some of traditional and special foods in Hanoi such as: Pho, Bun Cha, Banh Cuon, Cha Ca La Vong. You can search for the cooking classes in restaurants and hotels and the teachers will instruct and help you cook the dish as delicious as you have ever tested.

It will be a very wonderful and special gift for your family and friends when they have the opportunity to taste the specialty of Hanoi but not need to go to Hanoi. Try to cook the dishes you are keen on and taste it with the smell as you have enjoyed before will make you feel more about the specialty of Hanoi.

Each dish has the own way to make it and you should follow all of the suggestions and instructions from teachers to make the most delicious dishes of Hanoi. Perhaps, with the dishes you introduce to your family and friends, they will love Hanoi more and inspire them to learn to cook some of Hanoi dishes.

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