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We booked our trips to Hanoi, Hoi An, Saigon, Phnomh Phenh and Siem Reap. They organised the trips,adventures, activities that we’d like to do whilst touring this beautiful countries. In Hanoi, we went to Halong Bay, in Hoi An we went to Ba Na Hills, in Saigon, we went to watch water puppet show after taking a city view via cyclo (rickshaw) and Saigon dinner cruise. From Saigon we took a bus for 8 hours to Phnomh Phenh with Killing Fields and Gejocicide Museum S the highlight and the temples Tah Phrom in Siem Reap. Halong Bay Tours took care of the bus rides the entrance fees on all the activities including the visa to go into Cambodia. All the trips had English speaking guides and a very organised time tables were sent before we even left Melbourne. The conversation from the company were easy and quick. We were a bit late on some activities but that wasn’t the tour guides/company fault as some fellow travellers were just oblivious of the time constraints like late coming down or having breakfast late. We added a couple of activities such as the BaNa Hill and the water puppet show which where a treat and few more options which you can add provided the time permits. People, staffs, tour guides and drivers were very friendly and very knowledgeable of the history of their country which was very helpful especially the historical sites. We highly recommend Halong Bay to organise your trip to make use of your time in beautiful and historical Vietnam and Cambodia.

Clivenme2002, Australia

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Halong Tours Booking